It’s a question many have asked – and understandably so! So here’s what we can offer you after a long session of tasting good, clean and fair wines.

The Food Truck Area is in Pavilion 18.

Basulon Basulon is an innovative project aiming to reintroduce the flavors and excellences of Lodigiano, borrowing its name from the local dialect. Basulon is, in fact, the name of itinerant vendors. The offering includes hamburgers with locally sourced meat and other options. Meat, vegan, and vegetarian choices are available.

BStradi BStradi is a contemporary workshop in constant motion that collects and spreads Emilian traditions through its line of handmade fresh pasta and artisanal jarred products made with local and seasonal ingredients. A dynamic gastronomic offering that follows the seasonality of natural products and identifies the excellences of Piacenza. The offering includes pasta, including vegetarian options. Meat, vegan, and vegetarian choices are available.

Bullo Bullo arises from the project of bringing products from the Emilian territory directly selected from agricultural companies, cured meat producers, and dairies, all linked by quality and territoriality. The offering includes a sandwich with pork cheek.

I due gatti I Due Gatti are from Food Valley in Emilia, an area known worldwide for its gastronomic delicacies. They prepare highly-digestible dough thanks to the use of stoneground flour with a long, natural fermentation period. These are seasoned with fresh, seasonal vegetables, as well as cured meats and cheeses from local producers. Meat, vegetarian, and vegan choices are available.

Migliori olive all’ascolana A mainstay at Slow Food events since 1996, the Olive Ascolane by Migliori are typical snack from the Marche: breaded, fried olives stuffed with meat and spices, with variations on the theme including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Pantura Storie di cibo Pantura is a traveling kitchen based in Milan, whose values are the simplicity of its recipes and the quality of its ingredients. The offering includes octopus, crostini, pulled pork, and crostini. Fish, meat, vegan, and vegetarian options are available.

La Polpetteria La Polpetteria stems from the desire to return to the origins and cook the oldest and most versatile dish, with a great evocative power that ties recipes and homes worldwide: the meatball. The Polpetteria is a “traveling” project that brings gourmet gastronomic and cultural experiences on the road. The proposal includes fried meatballs. Meat, vegetarian, and vegan options are available.

Ponte Molinello Caseificio Ponte Molinello specializes in producing products strictly made with buffalo milk from their own farm. These four young entrepreneurs promote genuine local products made according to tradition, starting from the selection of the best cheese makers in Paestum. The proposal includes mozzarellas and cured meats. Meat, vegetarian, and gluten-free options are available.

Quelli della Bombetta Quelli della bombetta aim to narrate a symbol of the territory and an ancient tradition, that of Puglian stoves. The explosion of flavor after each bite happens only when the ingredients are just right. The offering includes Bombetta pugliese (rolled capocollo with canestrato cheese, pepper). Meat and gluten-free options are available.

Stappo – La Collina delle Meraviglie Collina delle Meraviglie by Stappo aims to enhance local products, promote the culture of good and sustainable food and wine, encourage outdoor life, and real leisure time sharing. The proposal includes pasta dishes and soups. Meat, vegetarian, and vegan options are available.

Terre di Maremma Four generations of work and passion produce meat and cured meats according to ancient Maremman traditions to bring genuine and unforgettable flavors to the table. The proposal includes Tuscan flatbread. Meat, vegetarian, and vegan options are available.

Organized by BolognaFiere and Sana based on a concept by Slow Food, Slow Wine Fair is the international fair dedicated to good, clean and fair wine. Conferences, masterclasses and around 1000 wineries from Italy beyond, with over 5000 labels in total. Sign up to the newsletter for updates. #SlowWineFair2024

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