Slow Wine Fair confirms the presence of a qualified selection of professionals and industry partners for 2024.

This section of the event is dedicated to companies whose innovative products and services are improving the agricultural system and allowing winemakers to adopt more sustainable production methods.

In the concept of virtuous circular production, the supply chain sector plays a crucial role in supporting efforts to reduce environmental impact. This includes the use of lightweight and environmentally-friendly glass in logistics, sustainable materials for packaging, organic and biodynamic fertilizers and pesticides, techniques for recycling and reusing wastewater. Additionally, there is a dedicated area for selecting the best high-tech and digital solutions for high-quality viticulture.

Among the sectors considered in the scope of the supply chain, the following technologies and products are highlighted:

  • Tools
  • Processing machines
  • Containers for fermentation and aging
  • Bottling machines
  • PET (recyclable plastics)
  • Filters and filtration machines
  • Quality control tools
  • Filling machines
  • Measuring machines
  • Organic and chemical products
  • Corking machines
  • Labeling machines
  • Packaging products and internal transportation products
  • Products and machine for cleaning
  • Other wine value chain products
  • Services for agriculture and viticulture

Organized by BolognaFiere and Sana based on a concept by Slow Food, Slow Wine Fair is the international fair dedicated to good, clean and fair wine. Conferences, masterclasses and around 1000 wineries from Italy beyond, with over 5000 labels in total. Sign up to the newsletter for updates. #SlowWineFair2024

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