Slow Wine Fair: the exhibitor catalog and wine list

15 December 2021

For all wine enthusiasts and industry professionals the Slow Wine Fair has two unmissable lists!

First there’s the exhibitor catalog, which contains all the participating wineries organized by production area, certification, distributor and importer.

Then we have a wonderful wine list which includes all the bottles on display at the event, organized by vintage, grape variety, type and certification.

Curious? Follow us!

The exhibitor catalog

Slow Wine Fair exhibitor catalog
Ph. Tina Witherspoon on Unsplash

On the Exhibitor Catalog there’s a banner that shows how many wineries have signed up to take part.

We’d like to give you more precise numbers but it’s not possible, as they’re changing constantly. At the last count there were over 600, including more than 480 Italian wineries representing every region of the country. No surprises that the regions with the biggest numbers are Piedmont and Tuscany, with 100 and 90 wineries respectively, followed by Veneto (51), Emilia-Romagna (39), Lombardy (32) and Sicily (26). There are also 130 international exhibitors confirmed, from Armenia, Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, Slovenia, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States, including five distilleries of spirits. 

There’s a section dedicated to featured wineries where we host some of the wineries from alternating Italian or international regions.

Then there are the search filters which are important for planning your visit. You can search by name, if there’s a particular winery you’re interested in.

The product type, where beyond wine you’ll also find “liqueurs, distilled and fermented beverages”, the Italian regionas well as the country and the international region. You can also search for wineries by certification and fordistributor or importer, where applicable.

You can search for more than one category at a time: for example you can filter all the certified organic wineries from Tuscany, and so on.

The Wine List

Wine list slow wine fair
Ph. Ekaterina Molchanova iStock Photo, Getty Images

At the Slow Wine Fair we offer another search option: the wine list, with all the bottles we’ll have present.

The list is not yet complete, as some wineries haven’t yet decided exactly which bottles they’ll bring to Bologna.

Here too, the Wine List page has a banner that indicates the total number of bottles we’ll have at the Fair. There are search filters below for vintage, grape variety, certification and, of course, type, so you can check out whites, reds and oranges at your leisure.

You can search for more than one category at a time here too! So as we wait to welcome you to Bologna check out all the bottles we’ll have on display!

Slow Wine Fair, from March 27-29, 2022, at BolognaFiere, is an international event dedicated to good, clean and fair wine. #SlowWineFair

Cover image: Cantine Giorgio Bava

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