The Slow Wine Arena, in Pavilion 20 of BolognaFiere is a meeting space for the international wine community, and where our partners share their projects.

From Latin America to Croatia and China to the United States, with the valuable contributions of our event partners, at the Slow Wine Arena we want to show you the energy that characterizes the world of international viticulture according to Slow Food.

We’ll talk about guides, logos and labels, of important projects like Agricoltura100, led by Reale Mutua, about sustainable packaging, wine lists, the role of buyers in large-scale distribution networks, social projects and alternative approaches to tourism that include visits to small-scale wineries in tomorrow’s itineraries.

The Slow Wine Arena is open to enthusiasts and professionals on March 27, and to professionals also on March 28 and 29.

All meetings are free to access, and everyone’s contribution is welcome.