At Slow Wine Fair we also host the Italian Amaro Fair, with a dedicated area where producers show off their amaro (bitter) liqueurs.

The Italian Amaro Fair is an unmissable occasion for all professionals in the sector, as well as for enthusiasts to explore a high-quality selection of amaro that are members of the national association.

Slow Wine Fair 2024 opens its doors to all alcoholic beverages obtained through the distillation of cereals, fruits, or vegetables that have already undergone alcoholic fermentation. Among the spirits available, you’ll find brandy, rum, vodka, gin, and much more.

A unique and complete experience, from aperitifs to digestifs and the world of mixology.

Selection criteria

Just like wine producers, amaro and spirit producers are also selected based on rigorous criteria.

For example, it is essential to specify the origin of the ingredients, which must be local, with the only exception being those that cannot be found within the regional territory. The ingredients must come from sustainable farming practices, which include proper soil management (minimal tillage, crop rotation, cover cropping, etc.), organic fertilization, exclusion of chemical weed control, avoidance of any treatment with hormones and growth stimulants, and the use of low-impact environmentally friendly pest control products.

Organized by BolognaFiere and Sana based on a concept by Slow Food, Slow Wine Fair is the international fair dedicated to good, clean and fair wine. Conferences, masterclasses and around 1000 wineries from Italy beyond, with over 5000 labels in total. Sign up to the newsletter for updates. #SlowWineFair2024

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