“Buying wine is a political act.”

The above quote from writer, director and sommelier Jonathan Nossiter indicates the important that our wine-buying choices have – above all for industry professionals – and how much influence they have on the market and agriculture.

The world of wine professionals is wide: from importers to distributors, restaurateurs to sommeliers, merchants to journalists who play an important role in influencing the choices of the general public toward wines that are made using virtuous production methods rather than the products of industrial agriculture, which makes heavy use of synthetic chemicals and damages the land.

The story of a certain wine can be told in different ways: with a detailed catalogue which applies stringent selection criteria, with a wine list that proposes combinations with certain foods, paying great attention to the agricultural methods behind both, with articles, books or films that offer the public a detailed narration devoid of prejudice.

Professionals give winemakers the chance to continue their path toward virtuous change in winemaking and, more generally, in agriculture. They can also communicate with consumers, contributing to the shaping of public opinion and awareness.


At Slow Wine Fair to…

Get to know the stories of the hundreds of producers involved and discover the thousands of labels available at the tasting table. Find a selection of wines made with respect for the environment and for workers, with love for the landscape and the well-being of local communities. Participate in Masterclasses to expand your knowledge of vintages, terroirs, and producers. Attend free conferences and meetings to learn even more. Use the b2match to profile companies and labels that match your interests in the most detailed way possible, easily identifying vintages, terroirs, types of wines, as well as details related to aging and the marketing of the wines themselves. You can also create your schedule of appointments to make your visit as productive as possible.

In 2024, the proposal dedicated to industry professionals is enriched further. The quality of the wines exhibited is further certified by the tasting commission, along with specially designed meetings for professionals. This enhancement is made possible through partnerships with the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI).

Organized by BolognaFiere and Sana based on a concept by Slow Food, Slow Wine Fair is the international fair dedicated to good, clean and fair wine. Conferences, masterclasses and around 1000 wineries from Italy beyond, with over 5000 labels in total. Sign up to the newsletter for updates. #SlowWineFair2024

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