From March 27-29, 2022, winemakers, enthusiasts and industry professionals – restaurateurs, merchants, importers, distributors, cooks, sommeliers – meet in Bologna to start a revolution in the wine world.

Sana Slow Wine presents the Slow Wine Fair, an international event dedicated to good, clean and fair wine.

The fair hosts the first meeting of the Slow Wine Coalition, an inclusive, collaborative and international network that brings together the protagonists of the wine world: winemakers, enthusiasts and industry professionals. It’s an opportunity for debate among all the actors in the network, following in the footsteps of Terra Madre. Indeed, we might even call it the first Terra Madre of wine.

This means that during the three days of the Slow Wine Fair, hundreds of producers from across Italy and the rest of the world will gather in Bologna to discuss the future of wine and winemaking, joining forces to write their vision collectively.

But the Slow Wine Fair is not just for winemakers and vignerons. Enthusiasts and industry professionals ca enjoy a rich program of Masterclasses and choose among the thousands of labels from across the world selected by Slow Food. This last part will be enriched by the participation of Federbio, the Italian Federation for Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture.

The event will be open to all on Sunday, March 27, while the following Monday and Tuesday are reserved for industry professionals. However, members of the general public who have tickets for Masterclasses on the Monday or Tuesday may still access the fair. For more information write to:

Opening the debate on wine to change course, from the vine to the bottle

Through the production and consumption of a certain type of wine we aim to influence the future of winemaking: Because the wine world is still heavily reliant on the use of chemicals, and the growth of monocultures is damaging the the  biodiversity of the most prestigious terroirs. For some years, a forward-thinking vanguard of vignerons has been forming, united in their recognition of the need to change course. 

Slow Food aims to build a system through which wine can be an important tool for the cultural rebirth of the countryside, where winemakers are both custodians of the land and promoters of a system which brings together architecture, biodiversity and social justice. Only in this way can the pact between wine enthusiasts, winemakers and all the other subjects in the wine industry play a role that fosters social and cultural growth. 

By this logic, wine is to be seen as something that goes beyond the glass, and which encompasses aspects of strategic importance for our future.