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“Winery buildings, should they need to be constructed, must respect their environmental surroundings. Management, upkeep and eventual restauration of extant buildings should take sustainability into account.” And furthermore: “Sustainable winemakers encourage biodiversity through practices such as: alternating vineyards with hedges and wooded areas; soil management practices that include grass and green manure and exclude, in any case, bare soil, with potential exceptions for short, seasonal periods; the protection of pollinating insects and useful fauna through the use of insecticides which are allowed in organic farming, where such interventions are necessary, and in any case avoiding their use during the flowering of the vine and of other herbaceous species present in the vineyard; the breeding of animals with respect for their welfare and the production of manure on the farm, as well as the production of compost from pruning residues and other organic materials.” Slow Food Manifesto for good, clean and fair wine

A conference to outline the role of wineries in protecting the landscape and safeguarding natural resources and biodiversity.

Winemakers are sentinels of their local areas. On the one hand, it’s thanks to them that marginal areas are managed to avoid soil erosion, that water resources are managed on steep slopes, that wildfires are monitored and many other benefits which make their commitment to agriculture indispensible. On the other hand, integrated, conscious winemaking fights cementification and monocultures.


  • Marina Santos, winemaker from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, “How the climate crisis influences winemaking landscapes, from vegetation cover to agroforestation”

Francesco Paolo Valentini, winemaker from Abruzzo, Italy, “The intensity of rainfall puts quality viticulture at risk”

  • Viviana Ferrario, Associate Professor in Geography at IUAV, Venice

The Slow Wine Fair conferences will be held online the week before the physical event, and are open to all. To take part with live translation you must register with the link above. You’ll receive a link to access the digital conference room. The conference will also be broadcast – without translation – on the home page.

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