Wine production: a powerful ally of ecological transition

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March 22nd at 18:00 in your time zone

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“Wineries may not use chemically synthesized fertilizers, herbicides, or anti-botrytis fungicides.” And furthermore: “A conscious and sustainable approach to the use of environmental resources in winemaking must be applied. Dependence on irrigation systems must be limited and should only aim to avoid critical water-stress conditions.” Slow Food Manifesto for good, clean and fair wine

A conference to discuss the challenges posed by ecological transition and the production of wine, and the tools at hand to face these challenges: good practices for real environmental sustainability.

We speak of sustainability, but what methodologies can help winemakers reduce their environmental impact while maintaining the quality of their product? Naturally, these aspirations need to be economically-sustainable for the winemaker, too.


  • Florence Fontaine, Université Reims Champagne-Ardennes, “Fighting the decline of European vineyards caused by plant diseases”
  • Bernard Nicolardot, AgroSup Dijon, “The management of organic matter in vineyard soil”
  • Isabella Ghiglieno, Dicatam, University of Brescia, “Water use in the winemaking sector: Impacts and applications”
  • Marco Tonni, Sata studio agronomico, Brescia, “Water use in the winemaking sector: Impacts and applications”
  • Paolo Marucco, Disafa, University of Turin, “Optimizing the distribution of pesticides. Presentation of a new prototype”
  • Maurizio Gily, viticutlure consultant and teacher at UNISG Pollenzo “The natural resistence in vines and managing the improvement of their traditional breeding”

Moderator: Federica Randazzo, Slow Wine Guide

The Slow Wine Fair conferences will be held online the week before the physical event, and are open to all. To take part with live translation you must register with the link above. You’ll receive a link to access the digital conference room. The conference will also be broadcast – without translation – on the home page.

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