The conferences of Slow Wine Fair 2024 develop the central theme of the event’s third edition: the fertility of the soil.

Soil is the foundation of life on Earth. Often overlooked and taken for granted, it a critical and irreplaceable resoruce that we have a duty to protect. Healthy soils are home to an extraordinary variety of organisms, from bacteria to fungi and insects. This biodiversity is crucial for the proper functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. The disappearance of fertile soils results in the loss of precious habitats for many species, endangering ecological balance and the biodiveristy.

We discuss what it means to regenerate the soil, highlighting its importance and centrality in viticulture, and delve into the critical role of soil in determining community well-being and ecosystemic balance. Finally, we demonstrate the role soil can play in mitigating the climate crisis.


The online conferences are organized in the months leading up to the Slow Wine Fair, allowing experts and enthusiasts from around the world to connect and participate. All events are accessible for free upon registration. After registering, you’ll be sent a link to follow the online conference with live translation.

You can request a certificate of participation by writing In order to receive a certificate you must participate in the Zoom call, indicating your name and surname.

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